Fair and Festival – No. 13: La Balcone

Except for the temporary money gate at Bumbershoot, which with our press passes we had not need to either climb over or bust through, this repeat was pretty easy to figure.  Jean and I both took repeats of the sunny Century 21 record of the southeast corner of the Food Circus.  Jean in the full light, I in the twilight.  His, I think, is the more accurate.  In ’62 a stairway here then led up to something named La Balcone.  Once inside, perhaps the stairs continued to the wrapping balcony that nearly circles the big hall.  It may have been French food – perhaps Freedom Fries, named for liberty, equality and fraternity.

First CLICK TWICE to Enlarge. Then seek the southeast corner of the Big No. 11 or the little No. 36.


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