Fair and Festival – No. 15: The Northwest Corner / The International Mall

Ron Edge's now familar superimposition of Century 21 - its outline - and Seattle Center from space, ca. 2007.

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Named the “World of Commerce and Industry” and numbered “3,” the northwest corner of Century 21 was only a small sampler of the things it’s ambitious titles* claimed.  Included – and here we consult the numbers on the map – were, at least, the United Nations, the African Information Center, Thailand, Philippines, India, Korea, San Marino, Peru and the City of Berlin, all of it west of Boulevard West (2nd Ave.) and north of Freedom Way (Republican Street).  While the fair had its share of quasi-democracies – how could one have a worlds fair in 1962 without such fakers – there were, it seems, no Commies.  And yet, and as well, how in 1962 could one have a worlds fair without commies.  Now they would be welcomed investors.  Long since this northwest corner is pretty much filled with the Bagley Wright Theatre. [*The buildings that nearly framed No. 3 were wrapped around the International Mall.]

Titled by its unnamed provider - and perhaps by the anonymous photographer too - "view from Philippines Pavilion," the subject looks south thru the fair's International Mall to the open stage fit with seats to this northern side of the northwest terminus of the fair's Union 76 Skyride.
With his back watching out at Mercer Street and with Second Avenue out of frame to the left, Jean's repeat looks along the eastern front of the Bagley Wright Theatre, home for Seattle's Rep. If memory serves me, this was the last "repeat" shot during our three Bumberdays.



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