Montesano girls - Count the Stars and Stripes


You may have noticed that here – recently and often – you cannot notice.  The blog is up and down regularly as of late.  Now it is up for as long, I hope, as it takes to write that we are looking for alternatives to our present server.   In Paris, Berangere is too far away to fix it.   Wherever – now in Wallingford – I don’t know how.  And so Jean has had to stretch his work bench to handle these – to use now two rarely used categories from our “All Gategories” list for this blog –  “unintended effects” and this “shameless commerce.”   Last Sunday’s now-and-then got no “extras” to the title story about the regrade on Spring Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues because, again, we could not “write to” or add additional contributions to the blog.  This coming Saturday/Sunday we hope to elaborate on the Repertory Theatre feature that will be published in Pacific – we think – and I will then contribute as well a few of the missed “extras” to the Spring Street story.  Meanwhile we await our fates while trying to keep our faiths.  But then what became of these students (below) in the well-ordered typing and shorthand class at the Wilson Business College in Seattle, ca. 1900?

Human Hair - usually yours or a relative's - Art (not for sale - courtesy Granite Falls Historical Museum)
Pedestrians at First and Wall, March 7, 2013

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