HELIX Volume Four No. 6 (A Day in August, 1968)

Helix Banner 04-06 2k

After an about three month wrestle with our blog’s server we have persuaded it with a little more cash and plenty of pitiful coaxing to do us right, and so have returned for more weekly (we hope) postings of HELIX.  This week it is the issue penultimate to the first SKY RIVER ROCK FIRE FESTIVAL.  It is for the most part about the line-up of artists expected over that Labor Day Weekend outside of Sultan on Betty Nelson’s strawberry farm.  (The berries were not in season.) Again, Bill White and I have returned with some joined reflections on what we find within the tabloid, and this time Bill has also attached a MEDLEY of SONGS performed by SKY RIVER ARTISTS at that time – or nearly then.  He found them , of course, on YouTube. Ron Edge is engineering it all – or nearly.   The long-distance recording on Skype that features Bill and I did not record off of Skye Itself.  Rather, Bill (in Peru) had to fall back on the work of his small recorder set between himself and his computer in his apartment about 100 yards from the Pacific surf.  It is a prudent precaution he consistently takes.   So this week, while Bill’s voice is not filtered through the computer’s speaker, mine is, and resembles, Ron notes, a “mouse in the corner.”


B.White and P. Dorpat

[audio:http://edge-archive.com/audio/04-06.mp3|titles=HelixVol 4 No 6]

04-06 Cover

For a MEDLEY of SONGS performed by SKY RIVER ARTISTS, click below image:

Sky River  Sept 1,1968

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