During the long running feud between Seattle and Tacoma over what to name the big peak in Rainier National Park – actually the debat began long before their was a park – diplomats would sometimes pick a poetic name in order to avoid the controvery and sometimes keep a market in both Seattle and Tacoma. “The Mountain That We God” was a good substitute. But is this that mountain? Sykes does not say. Of all the aspects of Mt. Tacoma/Rainier that this resembles, I though the north face was the best candidate. I could imaging the wide summit, the swell of Emmons Glacier on the right, and the top of Willis Wall – except that that wall does hold snow like this face does. Of course, the veil of the cloud is large enough to encourage this specualtion, which I now abandone. I don’t think this is Rainier. It is perhaps too small, and much else. But dear readers what mountain is this?

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