Wallingford Pumpkins for OBAMA

Chris and Mary Troth’s “plantation manse” in Wallingford (at the southeast corner of 44th and Meridian) has a pompon or citrouille or potiron coloring (all French terms that have something to do with Pumpkins and used in celebration of this blog’s recent turn to bi-linguil – or more often bi-focul – with the contributions of Parisian Berangere Lomont) and has been recently and wonderfully appointed with the attached row of pumpkins for Obama.  As far as I can determine there are only Democrat signs in Walllingford, and if America follows this neighborhood in the upcoming election it will surly be an Obama Landslide followed by an Obama landfill of signs and such, but not of these pumpkins.  The Troths are also avid gardners and almost surely have their own compost for this endearing political marker.  Mary explains that the colors of their Wallingford landmark are a golden-orange named “jubilation” (and may we so hope) by its manufacturer, white, and a dark read, which she explains acts like the home’s “eye-liner.”

(In celebration of the season I’ll add other pumpkins to this contribution – perhaps later in the day.  A suggestion: why not keep your Obama sign – not the pumpkins – as both a reminder and a part of Sustainable Wallingford?)

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