Paul's 70th birthday bash

Two days before the actual event, we threw Paul a party.

Planning began only two weeks ago, initially with the thought that this might bring together a couple dozen of Paul’s nearest and dearest. Of course, that was naive thinking on my part. There are so many that Paul considers his nearest and dearest that the list of invitees kept growing until the day itself. We had well over a hundred for cake and bubbly, and for those that missed it, blame it on Jean. I didn’t have access to all of Paul’s lists and time was too too short.

Here, however, are a few images from the event itself. If I missed folks, my bad; I was juggling. Jef Jaisun was also snapping; perhaps we’ll see a few of his to fill in the gaps.

Thanks to all for making this such a marvelous event. Paul was, as is his wont and most appropriately, happy as a clam!

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One thought on “Paul's 70th birthday bash”

  1. To Paul:

    This electronic card comes with many thanks for all you are to so many. You are a radical and a traditionalist, an artist and thinker, a writer and a lover of mankind. That gruff but kind exterior hides the heart of a true Renaissance man. You are a changer of lives and I know this first hand as one who has tremendous respect for your gift.

    In 1994 I met you at a lecture at the WCC and when you found out I had come from CA to hear you speak that day you were flabbergasted! “What is a daughter of WA doing living in CA?” I started to think…What is a daughter of WA doing living in CA? So I moved home! To the environment where I TRULY was myself and in these ten years I have evolved into the person I always knew myself to be. So thank you for being you, for asking that important question.

    As we all get older and struggle with our ills we must always remember that the little question, the broad smile, the kind eyes will sometimes fall on someone searching for something.That accepting and understanding others for who they truly are is the greatest gift we have to give them.

    Happy Happy Birthday Paul! I will wait for pictures of your 80th and 90th. You are a treasure to this city and to the thousands of people you touch with your writing, pictures and your kind heart.

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