Jean's Green Lake Challenges No. 2 thru 4

Here is a small collection of more Jean Green Lake Challenges.  I think  they all date from the 1916 Big Snow and freeze, which froze a few lakes, including Green Lake, and collapsed a few roofs, including the distinguished cupola above the transcenpt at St. James Cathedral.  (They did not rebuild it.)

The ice-site where the fashionable couple pose, one heroic and the other demure, will be hard to find and even more difficult to get to.   Then an action hockey shot, which comes from the same collection as the couple, and like it  may also be hard to both figure and reach.  Best, perhaps,  to stay with and seek the classic postcard view, if you want to walk around the lake in our fresh snow.

It is the  wide angle shot of Green Lake crowded with skaters and is copied from an oft-printed postcard.  This copy is postmarked Feb. 12, 1916, and addressed to Mr Gunnar Ingman at P.O.Box 476 Juneau, Alaska.  The message reads, “This  give you some idea of the crowed that enjoyed the skating on Greek Lake.”  It is signed by Jack, Jill, or Joel.  Can’t tell which.

Here is a negative clue.  The tower on the ridge horizon, center-left, is no longer there.  It was used for drying hoses.



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