The Seattle Waterfront: An Illustrated History

In 2005, Paul wrote an Illustrated History of the Seattle Waterfront on request from the Seattle City Council.  He comments:

waterfront-stampIt took about 5 months to complete, and I forsook Ivar (except for including him and his in the history – even this introduction!) and much else – except the weekly Times features – in order to get it done.  Still it was a great delight to write – or to assemble it from many years of writing on Waterfront subjects and to also use other resources I had not yet studied.

The posting of chunks of this monumental history (heretofore called chapters) will occur when Paul has the time and inclination. Dorpat also affirms that there will be as many as 174 chapters by the time he’s posted them all. (Jean says, Whew!)

Please click here or on the button marked The Seattle Waterfront: An Illustrated History to begin.

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