I have patched together – crudely – four snaps taken at yesterday’s Folklife presentation ceremony for historylink’s pretty big book on the ALASKA YUKON PACIFIC EXPOSITION.  Co-author Alan Stein is front forward in profile and with a hat, and co-author Paula Becker is behind me sitting with her parents, charming Texans who now live in or near Seattle.  On the far right is ‘link Director Marie McCaffrey heading the ceremony – and leading the non-profit encyclopedia of Washington State History, which produced the book and much else.  And on the far far left in profile is Lutheran Pastor Dennis Andersen who in a former life and when we were both studying the U.W. Archives in the mid-70s was the care giver for the historical photos at the U.W. Library – Northwest Collection, we called it then.  Now he dresses often all in black – except for the collar – and so is in need of some special light like that streaming over and above his shoulders.   It was a happy event, it seemed at least, all around, and the book is in – nearly.  Only the first 150 copies arrived and the rest are due by steamers in early June.  They did a very good job at it too.

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