Dear Ameer – Our 1902 Advance on Afghanistan

Here’s a double rarity for this media.  The attached is not from Ron Edge’s “clipping service” but from a microfilm reader at the U.W. Library.  The reason for sharing this page from the Jan 10, 1902 Daily Bulletin (a Seattle tabloid “devoted to Courts, Finance, Real Estate, Building and All Industrial Improvements”) is its clue to contemporary politics, which can be read directly below the part marked with a translucent red marker.  It expresses a sentiment that comes out of the joy of war got for Hearst and Roosevelt (representative citizens – pars pro toto – then for the nation) by beating up on Spain and the Philippines and so exhilarated the nation and brought such confidence that it was ready and eager for more broad-shouldered foreign jarring – or “big stick” jousting – in the name of “20th century progress.”  This was the first bloom and blush in the courtship of government and industry that soon gave birth to what we now call the “military industrial complex.”  Those that recall their world history will remember that 1902 was in the thick of the Age of Imperialism.  We never left it.

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  1. Jay
    I think you registered this comment incorrectly, and so for readers we refer them to the story about our Christmas sho of last December that was done in the Chapel Theatre at the Wallingford Center on the Good Shepherd campus. Here is a kind of explanation. Santa and his biggest elf are posing for a publicity shot in the very big chimney – they barely fit. It might have been “down the up chimney” but the variation used “up the down chimney” is slightly more hopeful, even though both are acceptably ambiguous to you, and Santa and the elf too. But hold on it also an allusion to the novel/stage play/film “Up The Down Staircase.” The play is popular with High School Drama classes. I do not remember how we chose our variation. Jean probably did it. And in truth we are not sitting in a chimney but in the grotto in the Good Shepherd Center in Wallingford. We have taken the place where once the Virgin Mary stood, and that also has some relevance to a imaginative Christmas program. The updraft there is not from fire but purity preparing to ascend.

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