Our Daily Sykes #5 – Crater Lake, Oregon

Even more familiar than yesterday’s Steptoe Butte, today’s Crater Lake is an exception to the Sykes “rule” of unidentified subjects.  Of course, all of his landscapes are familiar to someone and this is one of the anticipated or hoped-for pleasures of showing them, that persons will come forward and locate the ones for which we are nearly clueless.  This Crater Lake subject is also unique for Sykes in that it includes people.  Most of his landscapes are without them.  We would not mind it if someone could also name names for these few tourists.   Their tableau is so perfect that we might wonder if they have been posed – but probably not.  [Click to Enlarge]

At scene at Crater Lake Oregon.  By Horace Sykes ca. 1946.
A scene at Crater Lake, Oregon. By Horace Sykes ca. 1946.

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