"Walking Around and Feeling Fine" Blogaddendum

Nathaniel takes an order
Nathaniel takes an order

We have learned that our friend Nathaniel, the steadfast host of the by now nearly ancient Allegro Coffee Bar in the University District (see our blog post from last Wednesday and only four posts down), has “pulled” through his operation and is now “up and walking around and feeling fine.”   That would be still in the hospital, but we are confident that he will soon move from those halls to home and then back again to the Allegro when his family permits it.

(The Allegro is either the oldest or the “next to” oldest espresso bar in Seattle, but the coffee is fresh and the pastries too.  Yes we at dorpatsherrardlomont can highly recommend the Allegro, a harbor of repast for both town and gown literati for decades.  You will easily find it’s now cozy and very European entrance in the alley 2nd door north of 42nd Street between University Way and 15th Avenue n.e., at the western border of the U.W. Campus. Test their teas and study their bulletin and notices board.)


And this afternoon, a short e-missive arrived from the man himself:

Well, the deed is done.  I’m home now licking my wounds, as it were.  It has been quite a ride and I am so impressed with the folks in attendance.  Now, onward and upward!

We also recommend, for greater acquaintance with Nathaniel and the Allegro, this video portrait.

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