Our Daily Sykes #36 – A Wreck

Another untoward Sykes - an overturned auto and a victim at the side of an unidentified country road. It is one of the very few occasions when he acts forward like an editorial photographer. Sykes tells us nothing about this slide, and unlike many of his unidentified landscapes it is unlikely that we will ever learn more about this scene - for whatever reason we may wish to know more. (Click to Enlarge)

5 thoughts on “Our Daily Sykes #36 – A Wreck”

  1. Probably it’s too bad the occasions were so few. He has a great eye for reportage. This photograph is amazing. Beautiful in a way. The eye moves from the upturned vehicle to the men observing and then finally to the victim lying in the foreground.

  2. Colin, I agree. Even though the victim is removed from the vehicle and covered and “resting” (or dead), it appears from the composition that the accident is in some way still happening.

  3. Matt and Colin
    Caught on a country road without a phone and in need of help. Perhaps the man on the ground is too hurt to be carted in a sedan. Perhaps someone has gone for help in the nearest town with facilities (or farm with a phone) and that everyone here knows from which direction it is likely to come. Maybe they hear something approaching.

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