Our Daily Sykes #57 – Maryhill Museum of Art

(As always, Click to Enlarge) This too is rare for Horace Sykes - an identifiable landmark. I first visited Maryhill Museum with my parents in the late 1940s on a trip from Spokane to Portland. This view looks south across the Columbia River to Oregon also in the forties. The Green car, bottom right, may be rushing to the Maryhill Ferry. I remember taking a ferry or two across the Columbia and I think that one of those buoyant crossings was here. Perhaps the Green Hornet is hurrying down river to Portland for a publicity event at the "Coney Island of the West," the Jantzen Beach Amusement Park on Hayden Island, in the river just north of Portland on old Highway 99, or to have a serving of its once famous Deep Dish Cherry Pie, or to solve a crime or to apply for a job with Bonneville Power.
The other side of the museum looking east to Mt. Hood. I photographed this during the hot summer of 2005 as Jean and I were preparing our book "Washington Then and Now" before flying off to Paris for a visit with Berangere.

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