Our Daily Sykes #64 – Walking the Dog

One summer in the 1940s Horace Sykes paused for this parade in the town of Okanogan.  It is, we know, customary for military groups – active, reserves, veterans – to take their parts in community parades.  Here a local in overalls joins a parade with his dog (we assume it is his) and a sign tied to the dog, which is a pleasing pun on “post,” as in army post or veterans of foreign wars post, and any post for his dog to pee on.  It is a rugged example of country irreverence.    The next dog parading is going north on Seattle’s 4th Avenue and just passed over the center slot of the Madison Street Cable Railway.   The building beyond the happy parade witnesses is the old Carnegie Library – it’s southwest corner.  May we take a cue from the New Yorker Magazine’s cartoon editors.  (Continued below the two photographs.  Remember to Click to Enlarge.)

Post request in Okanogan, the 1940s.
Dog and clipped crow - I assume - heading north on 4th Avenue, probably during one of the late 1930s Potlatch Parades. (This needs a caption. See below.)

That publication posts cartoons without captions and offers prizes for what it considers the best ones sent in by readers.  Not big prizes – but still prizes.  Consider this, then, a challenge: a contest.  What an honor to win.  Prizes will be announced – if we get any captions.

3 thoughts on “Our Daily Sykes #64 – Walking the Dog”

  1. Jana
    Very clever and you are also clearly the winner – well your chicken allusion is the only submission.
    Your prize? How about one of those Seattle Chronicle video’s promoted at the top of the web page? It is in the bug named “Our Store.” If that is agreeable just send an address to me at P.O.Box 85208, Seattle WA, 98145 (that’s the U District Post Office) and when I find it in my box I’ll be carrying with me a packaged and stamped copy that I will then easily address to you and drop in the mail at the P.O. If the video is not right for you say so and I’ll think up something else.

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