Our Daily Sykes #86 – Orchids

Horace Sykes loved orchids especially and there are nearly as many slides of flowers in his collection as there are landscapes.

Barbara William, Horace Sykes helpful granddaughter from Corpus Christi, Texas, sends this 1955 clipping showing Horace in a Post-Intelligencer story about an upcoming orchid show of which he is an important part. If you missed earlier pictures of him, as the P-I caption indicates Sykes is on the left. The story notes that the origins of Sykes interest in growing orchids originated in his delight in photographing examples brought home by his daughter. (One line is missing from the clip, but it does not seem essential.) Thanks Barb.

2 thoughts on “Our Daily Sykes #86 – Orchids”

  1. Good evening Paul,

    I forwarded a better scan with the bottom line included. You are right the last line only indicated he was an amateur photographer and where the society was meeting on that day. Also, I sent along scans of a couple of other photos, both of which had descriptive information written on the back of them!

    I think it is wonderful you are doing this as I am enjoying seeing many of his later photos.


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