SEATTLE CONFIDENTIAL No. 4 – First Hill Tenaments

Especially during its greatest boom years following the "great fire" of 1889 (Seattle grew from 40,000 to about 230,000 in twenty years) much of First Hill filled in with cheaper housing, some in rows like these duplexes. The general site can be figured from the crown of the Harborview tower peeking over the roof of the middle duplex. The street was busy enough to have meters, and the car showing with a detail, far right, may be post-war chevy. The original slide was produced for a study having to do with first discussions of "urban renewal" in Seattle. These, obviously, were captured as examples of housing in need of renewal. The slide is not sharp enough to read the house numbers, so it will take some sleuthing (aerial photos? tax photos?) to break through what remains of the scene's confidentiality.

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  1. I can’t help but wonder if those wires in the background can provide a clue to the location of the photo. I’m not familiar enough with the area to help beyond that.

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