8 thoughts on “Our Daily Sykes No. 90 – Zion Perhaps”

  1. Journeyman Matt
    I wander if your use of “Yikes!” might have been influences by its rhyme with “Sykes”?

  2. Possible. My brain is particularly, perhaps grotesquely, sensitive to aural stimuli. If I hear a passing stranger say the phrase “everyone is so kind” at noon, I might find myself humming Three Dog Night’s “Shambala” at five.

  3. Matt
    I think that I am similarly afflicted or blessed. I routinely hear noises – like closing doors, falling books, turning handles, slapping shoes, squeaking chairs, keyboard clicks, printer gears, scanner moans, neighbor’s children through the window, distant dogs, and much else as messages. I do not for a moment “believe” them. I mean I am not hallucinating, and know that it is I that make the quick translations. It is ordinarily delightful. Poetic. Sometimes the stimulus is complex enough that my response can lengthen to a phrase. Then I discover that my translation may indicate that something interests or concerns me at the time. Dreams, of course, may do this too. The Rorschach stimulants may be an analogy, except that the Rorscharch system is very discredited and exposed as arbitrary if sometimes still fortuitously revealing of what is bothering the person interpreting them. For instance, if a particular ink blot resembles a grotesque nightmarish animal one might recall a childhood fear of being eaten alive by groundhogs or chickens. (I did fear for the latter – the chickens.) So bravo to you and your synergies. I think I share some of that dispensation with you. Perhaps many others do as well. Everyone? (Alas Three Dog Night was one of the bands from my prime that I did not care for, and so I miss your Shambala allusion.)

  4. No TDN for you, eh? Well, I guess we’re through, then. Actually, even without knowing that the phrase I mentioned is a lyric in the song, you clearly got what I was saying. The aural, optic, or olfactory sensors harvest a random snippet from the ether and neurotransmitters deliver it to the brain, which roots through its files and clippings — googles its inventory, as it were, much like you and I do with photographs — until it finds a close match, and then jukebox-like puts that stored bit of memory on the turntable and plays it.

    Chickens, huh? My worst was a nightmare about “the Avon Lady” sucking me up in a vaccuum cleaner. I kid you not.

  5. I think it is Zion – The Sandstone rock appears like it might look like those of Zion National Park. If you haven’t visited there – it is a must. It is soo beautiful!

  6. Indeed Zion Lodging. We have used this Sykes shot again with Our Daily Sykes #128 along with several more of ZNP, and with the help of Google Earth have figured out that this is ALMOST CERTAINLY a scene along Walter’s Wiggles where the Zion trail ascends from Refrigerator Canyon to the ridge that leads back to Angels Landing, which I will add is a prospect to which you may never take me, although I have friends who have made it. Horace Sykes got to the ridge and then turned back down the Wiggles – or beautiful stone switchbacks – to the Refrigerator floor and then further on down to the head of the trail near the Virgin River. The large monolith evident in the distance is the next large mass of Navajo sandstone that is south of the Great White throne. It has that great arch in its west face, and I think its name reflects that. I “had it” – the name – once but lost it, and on Google Earth much is given to the Angels and the Throne and the Refrigerator but not this it seems. Please check out Sykes #128 above.

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