WRECK NO. 2 &/or Unintended Effects No.2 &/or Seattle Confidential No.6

It is sometimes  difficult for  an associate editor to decide on what page to put a story.  Instead, we give this wrecked Oakland three chances for broader meaning.  It is clearly a WRECK, but it is also an Unintended Effect, and not knowing on whose lawn we have found it, this embarrassment is also somehow confidential, although exposed.   Ron Edge contributed this scene, but Ron, for now, is not able to place it, except to note that it comes from a collection of Seattle-based negatives, which are big glass ones.  Perhaps some reader can figure the location and make it all less confidential.  It seems to me most likely that it is somewhere on the first ridge east of downtown, which is First Hill and Capitol Hill.  It is also Ron who calls this unintended wreck an Oakland.  He explains that because the original is from a large glass negative he could read the name in a detail of the wheel.

There is something strange about this crash scene. The car's frame has been broken near the rear of the engine. Much else is roughed up. And yet the car appears to have skidded to this resting place. Did the car also flip and/or roll before arriving here upright?

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