Blogaddendum res DAILY SYKES #26 Mt. Hood

Here’s some help from Robert Cross of Camas, WA.   Robert was alerted to our confusion by a mutual friend, Angela Roark.  Thanks Angela.  Cross has used Google Earth better than we did, perhaps because he was willing to cross the Columbia River with it.  We didn’t.  Here’s his description of what he discovered.

“OK. I checked it out on Google Earth, and pinpointed it exactly, by going down to birdseye level/angle, matching up the view of the mountain, and then flying backwards until the landmarks in the foreground were in view. This photo was def…(tharr be more)initely taken from the hills above Lyle, WA, looking across to Rowena and then down towards the mountain from the NE. I would say that it’s either Alder Springs Rd/Oliver Point Rd or a little further up on the hill at Oda Knight Rd. Looks too far from the river to be Riverview Rd. Is that good enough?”

It surely is good enough Robert, and thanks much.

This appeared first here as "Our Daily Sykes #26" for May 10, 2010.

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