Our Daily Sykes #96 – Grand Coulee Dam from the Rear

Jean also took a photo of the rear of Grand Coullee, repeating an Asahel Curtis view of the canyon before the dam. We will go looking for that "then-now" soon for another Sykesaddendum. (Click to Enlarge)
This look at the Grand Coulee Dam also from the rear shows work-in-progress. The bridge across, or along and above, the spillway is not completed. This scene may also show the remnants of an orange peel lying in two curling parts on the dirt at the bottom. Perhaps.
Skype's look to the unfinished front, and showing the ten portals or gates that let the river run through the dam before it began generating power in March of 1941, ahead of schedule.
An earlier - somewhat - construction view recorded from the bridge.
Not by Sykes but not long after his several visits during construction.
Too earlly, perhaps, for Sykes. Not by him and not attributed. Note the "Safety Pays" sign on the far side. But first CLICK TO ENLARGE.

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