Our Daily Sykes #117 – Bus Stop

What shall we make of this? A short story, perhaps. A bus stops on a pass in California (The license plates seem to be yellow, unless the colors have shifted in the Sykes slide.) and barely leaves the paved highway's center line for a narrow shoulder of small gravel. The bus door has been opened, and a car has stopped behind the bus. There may be someone in the car but that cannot be determined with confidence. The same is true for the bus. Or can it more easily be imaged as full of passengers? There is no movement about either the bus or the car. The sky is hazed, which helps blend the colors with a muggy warmth.. The oddest thing is that Horace Sykes has stopped to record it. Except that with its autumnal colors and imbricating masses - from right and left - it is a pleasing composition even without knowing how to complete the story or begin a new one of a stopped bus with an open door, and a car behind it. (Click to Enlarge)

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