Late summer 2005 Jean and I visited Berangere in Paris, but first we stopped in London for a week and walked about.  I started collecting London books fifteen or twenty years earlier and by the time we arrived I was more familiar with the city than probably most tourists.  It was my second time in London.  It had been a half-century since my first visit with about 35 other 16- year-olds, “boys and girls.”  We were also heading for Paris and a convention to which we were all delegates, although not very good ones.  Most of us spent the 10 days of the conference walking about Paris, and missing the convention’s schedule.  (CLICK to ENLARGE)

This look at the Abbey’s west facade – part of it – was managed by setting the camera on a mail box and holding still.  It is a merging of two parts and the sum has been flattened to turn it into a proper architectural photograph.

I enter this in part to encourage Jean to share some of the photographs he took  while on his visit to London, Paris and Berangere this past July.

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