Our Daily Sykes #140 – "The Mountain That Was God" or Another Mountain.

During the long running feud between Seattle and Tacoma over what to name the big peak in Rainier National Park - actually the debate began long before the park was decreed - diplomats would sometimes pick a poetic name in order to avoid the controversy or perhaps keep a market for whatever was mountain related in both Seattle and Tacoma. "The Mountain That Was God" was a good substitute. It was the name of a popular illustrated early book of the mountain, which in this caption we will never name! But is this that mountain? Sykes does not say. Of all the aspects of Mt. Tacoma/Rainier that this resembles, I thought the north face was the best candidate. See the wide summit, the swell of Emmons Glacier on the left, and the top of Willis Wall? - except that that wall does hold snow like this face does. Of course, the veil of the cloud is large enough to encourage this speculation, which I now abandon. I don't think this is a mountain for which a beer was later named. It is perhaps too small, and much else. But dear readers what mountain is this?

One thought on “Our Daily Sykes #140 – "The Mountain That Was God" or Another Mountain.”

  1. Visiting or stumbling upon this Sykes we seen now in hindsight that this is the same mountain and same valley put up more recently with “Entering Big Bottom.” It is around Sykes #213 – it may be it.

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