Our Daily Sykes #150 – The River Styx

(We Do Not Advise Clicking to Enlarge)   Things have gone awry for Horace with this Kodachrome. The focus is soft, the color is shifted so that is seems as rendered from expressionist brush strokes as from emulsion.  The river is running to purple.  And what river?  Perhaps the Styx, border to Hades.  It is the river in which you will drown for eternity if you have been very bad.  Sucking desperately for air but getting only oily water.  Or perhaps this mutilation is somewhere on the Grande Ronde River as it snakes its way across northeast Oregon heading for the Snake River Canyon.  Or another rare but ancient carving stream in arid Utah.  Sykes does not say, but what a possibility: Styx by Sykes.

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