2 thoughts on “Our Daily Sykes #151 – Unidentified”

  1. Just a guess, but this photo could be of an area south of Plaza, WA. If so, then the road going south and then west (cutting across the upper half of the photo) would be old highway 195.

  2. Matthew
    Thanks for the tip but I – or Old 195 – failed at least for this moment. I took it at 100 feet (about) from Spokane south to Colfax and could find no deep cut like this one nor any road curves like these. South of Rosalia I started to also explore side roads to the south east gaining altitude and so hoping that I’d come to a prospect as high as Syke’s and looking down as he does into such a lovely cut. I soon abandoned that adventure for other duties. So far I have learned a lot, including the location of Plaza, Washington. It does not call up on Google although Google Earth identifies it if you know where it is or with discipline stumble upon it. I think your intuitions are swell but for topographical reasons the site may need adjusting. And other clues?

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