Fleet Addendum and Correction

Here’s a correction sent by Fleet encyclopedist Rex Lee Carlaw who has been studying the Puget Sound fleet since he was a child.

Dear Paul,

Thanks for “The Fleet.”

Note:  KEHLOKEN, not Kehlokin
Tahlequah, not Tahlequa

(But I don’t know if it can be edited.)

KALAKALA ran Port Angeles – Victoria until 1959, and TILLIKUM came on line in 1959, so that dates this.  It does have errors though.  SAN MATEO is missing; she ran Edmonds-Kingston.  KLAHANIE ran Edmonds-Kingston and Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth, not Mukilteo-Columbia Beach.  KEHLOKEN ran Seattle-Winslow, not Edmonds-Kingston.

This was the year I started riding the Edmonds-Kingston route regularly (I was 7).  My parents bought a beach house (now at the foot of Lindvog Rd.) on 01 July that summer.


This appeared here first last Setp 27 under "Mixed Addendum for the . . ."
And to set the rudder straight or straighter here's another fleet montage shown earlier here - on Sept 27 under "Mixed Addendums . . . "

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