Our Daily Sykes # 185 – Factory Butte

One of the rare slides that Sykes has captioned - he has written on the card, "near Wayne Utah, on Highway 24." A little exploration of Google Earth reveals that several contributors name this Factory Butte. It could just as well have been named Cathedral Butte with its crest, massive front tower and flying buttresses. It sits about 20 miles east-northeast of the Capitol Reef National Park visitors center.

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  1. Matt
    I was about 12 when the family drove through Utah on our way to Texas from Spokane. We made a grand tour with stops at the few national parks that were in the West then compared to now: Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, Bryce, Zion, Rocky Mountain, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Yosemite, Red Woods, Crater Lake are the ones I remember. This following and tracking Sykes has engaged me to the West and I am startled, especially, by the landscapes of southern Utah, where the sublime, comic, picturesque landmarks almost fall over once another. The citizen testimonies shared by Google Earth and the Wiki family mean that very few of Harace’s subject cannot be identified so long as we are willing to keep looking.

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