Our Daily Sykes #189 – Distant White Extrusions

What to call this for Sykes' sake? Another of his gravel or dirt roads winding into an exceptional landscape. Perhaps not so exceptional, I have learned. But what are those disturbing white nobs or eruptions rising from the distant hill? Please klick to Enlarge.

2 thoughts on “Our Daily Sykes #189 – Distant White Extrusions”

  1. Thar be dolmens. They look like those clunky lithic clocks and calendars and stuff that Druids were always leaving around the landscape. However, I have never heard of the Pre-European American West teeming with Druid culture, so I guess that’s out.

  2. Matt
    You remind me of something learned by Genny McCoy when she was researching her thesis on the Mt.Rainier name controversy nearly a quarter-century ago. One source claimed that the name Tacoma or Tacomah was given by a band of Vikings who explored the continent long before the southern Europeans arrived. Coming upon the Mountain we normally call Rainier they climbed it without hesitation or injury. Once at the top they named it Tocomo or Tacohma or something similar in appreciation for the view. The translation would then be something like “what a great view this is” or “this land has great potential for cutting spars and oars for our big vessels” or – remembering that the Vikings were then plundering the British Isles – “not a single dolmen in the land – imagine!”

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