Our Daily Sykes #191 – Anything to Add Jean?

While this resembles a scene along the Yakima River Canyon between Ellensburg and Selah, is it? Or is the hill to high and its cuts too deep and the river too - too deep and wide? Is it the canyon that so excites Jean - of this blog - that he often accompanies Howard Lev to the valley for day trips while his friend checks in with the farmers around Sunnyside on the progress of his pickles for his hot condiment Mama Lil's Pickles. Together they also stop along the canyon and Jean photographs it from several sites. And if you search this blog for Yakima you will see them. How about it Jean. Is this the Yakima? (Click to Enlarge)

Yes, Paul, I have something to add.  It does not, I fear, provide proof for Horace Sykes’s photo being taken in the Yakima Canyon between E’burg and Selah.  But it’s the closest rock/hill/river structure on “my” stretch of river.

This rock painting of Pacman graces a popular fishing/swimming spot several miles from the E’burg end of the canyon.  The landscape is similar to Horace’s but I don’t think it’s the same.

Paul here: But a lovely coincidence made nearly uncanny with those obscuring trees.

Pacman seen through trees
Pacman through trees
Pacman up close

And here’s a photo I found in searching my archives – taken when the sun was setting from a cliff overlooking the river about midway through the canyon. No connection to Sykes, but Paradis shot this paradise which we include in our book.

Sunlight and shadows
Not perfect, but close and found. Horace Syke's position was, crudely put, about half way through the Yakima River Canyon. In a straight line from high above - with an elevated crow - the distance to both ends of the canyon is about 7&1/2 miles. When you are traveling south and come to a farm where the canyon wall, on the east or highway side, dips for a much smaller joining canyon you are almost there. There's a fine place for Horace or you Jean to pull out. (Click to Enlarge)

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