Our Daily Sykes # 192 – Looking Down into Zion

Horace Sykes is back from his five day vacation.  We were also occupied with both Highway #2 and choosing which repeats to use or pursue for our upcoming show next April at the Museum of History and Industry here in Seattle. [Click to Enlarge]

Last summer we followed Horace Sykes up the switchbacks of Walter's Wiggles in the Refrigerator Canyon from the floor of Zion National Park's main canyon to this ledge -I believe. Here he made the decision - apparently - not to proceed over the precipitously exposed - although chained too - trek to Angels Landing. Here he looked down - if I am right - on the floor of the valley he had left below. As the name suggests the narrow Refrigerator Canyon was consistently cooler. Is the name also a reference to the blood of those natural cowards - like myself - who prefer the safety of flat heat. From this prospect to continue to Angels Landing would have meant turning right. So far I've found no slides of Horace heading in that direction. But note the little flowers in the foreground. A Sykes signature.

3 thoughts on “Our Daily Sykes # 192 – Looking Down into Zion”

  1. It took my eyes a moment to realize the insular nature of the rock in the middle of the photo, that it was not simply a continuation of the rock walls dominating the upper right quadrant of the photo. It reminds me of the chariot stadium in the movie Ben Hur, which had some kind of huge central structure with battlements. I almost expect to see Judah and Massallah come charging around by that deep shadow left of center, hub to hub in deadly competition.

  2. Matt I missed that. Zion has a few of those monumental slivers rising from valley floors. The Ben Hur chaiot-go-round is a good analogy. When might we discuss Hotel Savoy over chowder? Paul

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