Our Daily Sykes #208 – Multicultural Pictograph

Late last April (2010) we put up other pictographs quite like this one and identified them as examples of Barrier Canyon Style art. We even found their location with the help of Google. These may also be in Buckhorn Draw, a tributary to the San Rafael River. Among the tourist overlays are many initials, a few names, the state "Utah" spelled out lower-left and a big "ARM" in white that took some work to block, frame with a darker line and extend with its own arms. Those invite interpretation. They may have been thought to be in sympathy with the art they mutilated or perhaps quite the contrary. Were they in their length a criticism of the aboriginal short arms? As if the artist was answering the original art, "Here are some REAL arms." It seems that this arm art is later that many of the names which, if I am reading it correctly, are covered by it.

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