Our Daily Sykes #229 – Painterly Landscape

By some accounts modern art was, in part, a reaction to the camera and it powers of verisimilitude. Art would show it how to squint the eyes or look through impressionist's glasses to points of light. In this Sykes landscape we have a photograph nearly responding or acting like a painting, and it begins with the focus. It is soft. When the subject is examined up-close (closer than you will see it here, even with two clicks of your mouse) it seems to loosen and sometimes shake itself into dabs of paint. Such a photograph might be a way to teach impressions - with a brush. "Step one: Blow up., Step two: Find the points of light. Step three: Copy them with a plastic medium - oil pigments for instance - using a semi-stiff brush and be faithful to their order." And it is also appropriate and typical that we know neither when nor where this is. We do, however, given time, the size of that river, the habitat and Google Earth feel that we could find it. Perhaps you will find it first.

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