Our Daily Sykes #233 – Another of Willamette Falls

One of the Sykes pleasures of holding his slides is that they have as yet not all been seen, and as time allows we continue to sort through the boxes. This view of Willamette Falls was found yesterday. Last August 12 we showed another look at the falls that Horace photographed from nearly the same place on the Willamette's east bank, but with a different tree and more flow over the falls - and at sunset. The following day we put up yet another look at the falls, one from an earlier black and white negative by an unknown photographer. It too came with no caption. I have only seen Willamette Falls from the train on trips between Seattle and California, most of them in the mid-1960s. I remember having plenty of time to study the falls. Perhaps the train pokes along here. And perhaps the smoke drifting in the sky above the falls here comes from a diesel engine, and Horace is snapping from the window of a coach on the Southern Pacific RR. Horace was raised in the Willamette Valley and after his move to Seattle in the late 1920s still had family attractions in Oregon. Maybe for this trip he put aside the Sykesmobile and took to the rails. (Click to Enlarge)

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