Our Daily Sykes #239 – Someone Will Know

Included here is an out-of-sorts feature that we are much more likely to associate with the southwest.  This is almost certainly somewhere in the Northwest or near it.   The natural oddity here would make this place at least as popular as Lincoln’s profile on the Columbia, north of Wenatchee, which we featured here last Nov. 23 as Our Daily Sykes #201.   If any reader knows where Horace found this please share it with the rest of us.  [Click TWICE to Enlarge]

This morning – the morning after posting the above – I sent the above to Jim Weatherly of Tekoa, Washington.  Jim flies and explores and has lived in the north Palouse for a long time.  He suggested that I look along Rock Creek that flows south from Bonnie Lake to Rock Lake – the same Rock Lake that was featured recently with Our Daily Sykes #223 .  It did not take long to discover that Jim’s instinct – or experience – was right on in this matter.  The natural arch – the Bonnie Lake Arch (there may be more than one) is above Rock Creek and a shot distance south of the south end of Bonnie Lake.  Google Earth also includes a photograph of the arch from the other – valley – side.  Thanks Jim.

Here’s a juxtaposition of the Sykes photo with detail from Google Earth.  The blue square is the clicker for getting to the picture of the arch noted above.   Of course, it will  not work for you here because this is a “grab” of the site and the picture from my computer desktop.

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