Our Daily Sykes #242 – Leading to a Barn

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The bed for a small river – or better creek – has the nourishment to grow a strand of leafy trees that put on this autumnal show.  Heading for the barn, follow the winding road along the sides of the creek, between it and the hills, rationalized with fences.

3 thoughts on “Our Daily Sykes #242 – Leading to a Barn”

  1. The way this slide film treats light — and also, as you’ve mentioned before, the process of aging — makes this scene look a lot like the photos I used to drool over in Model Railroader magazine. It only wants a trestle crossing the ravine.

  2. If we knew where it was I’d bet that there would still be no rr trestle for your fulfillment. After WW2 trucks increasingly were used to haul agriculture. The color is this is even less saturated than in the original Kodachrome. I toned it down. Did you have an elaborate model railroad, building tunnels and towns for it? I started with a chicken wire plaster paris tunnel but soon got distracted, perhaps with competitive sports.

  3. Yes, I did have an elaborate model railroad. Dad gave my brother and me half of his shop and built us a 22-foot-long layout with a townsite at each end (one for each of us empire-builders to have dominion over). He built us a roundhouse turntable and track switches from scratch and a transformer with a “flywheel” setting so that the locomotives would slow down realistically, as if they had real weight and freight load, instead of stopping dead of a sudden. Team sports had nothing on our model RR.

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