Our Daily Sykes #253 – The Minimalist Sykes

It is very rare to find a flat horizon in Sykes. Here a fissure or natural trench in the rock takes the place of a flowering bush. I will risk a hunch. This may be near or at the northeast corner of Soap Lake looking south.

3 thoughts on “Our Daily Sykes #253 – The Minimalist Sykes”

  1. By “dirt” do you mean particulates or a spread solution Matt? All his slides require a lot of spec reduction, but whose wouldn’t after 60-plus years. But golly that’s not so long – ponders the 72 year-old slouching at my desk. Think of the dirt – whatever it is – as a rich patina of age, not as dark as the Sistine Chapel before cleaning, but on the way with a few centuries to go.

  2. No, I meant soil depicted in the image. Dirt roads, dirt hillsides, highway pullouts, places where the wind has and sun have discouraged even sedums from growing in abundance. Not complaining at all, it’s just kind of remarkable that so much of the country he captures is not thickly covered by plants, and yet for a’ that, he captures the beauty of these places. This photos is an example. Dirt was not the right word…careless of me. This is rock, lots of rock, and I the lesser photographer would have been tempted to position myself rightwards more so as to avoid capturing so much of it. Yet here it is, and it works! I’m a fan of Sykes’ vegetate minimalism.

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