Our Daily Sykes #266 – As Above So Below

(Click TWICE to Enlarge.) It is fairly easy to at least imagine Horace’s motivation for pulling over on this country road to record the line of gravel as a repeat of the line streaming above him.   The curve of the dirt road follows that of the vapor.  In the post-war years Spokane had two military airports west of town, Geiger Field and Fairchild Air Force Base.  The latter was  soon sending hybrid B-36s droning over the city.  Extremely ponderous these over-sized flying tanks were retired early, made obsolete by the B-52, a serious cold war bomber.  I no longer remember what sort of marks these jets were leaving in the sky in the 1940s, so this vapor trail does not lead me to its maker.   I remember the fascination of them though.  In the summer it was something to lie in the grass and watch their creation.  The tail gave a substance to the airplane it did not have without it.

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