Our Daily Sykes #281 – A Snake River Snapshot

The framing and focus of this snapshot suggest Sykes' spontaniety. This was before the Snake River jet boats, which now take tourists far up the canyon on a bumpy ride through many rapids, protected by a covering of optical plastic. You can take or find one of these trips, of course, on Youtube. Perhaps that is Horace's boat and he recorded it from the shore. The jerk of it all suggests that he had little time to catch it. Perhaps he took this from another boat. Horace doesn't say.

One thought on “Our Daily Sykes #281 – A Snake River Snapshot”

  1. They seem to be loading some commodity aboard. The man at the seaward end of the gangplank looks almost as though he’s rolling the sacks with his foot. He must be using a dark-colored handtruck.

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