Our Daily Sykes #294 – SAM in '43

I confess to a small worry that this may be out of place; that is that it may not be a Sykes, although it is pulled from his collection.  First, the photo is of a Seattle landmark, the Seattle Art Museum in Volunteer Park.  Seattle subjects are rare for Sykes.  But he did love art and so may have cherished its hometown temple.  The slide is also dated August 17, 1943.  Captioning for Sykes is rare, and dating almost never.  Still the slide does show Syke’s sensitivity for framing his subject, and it even has its small singular oddity, which Sykes often finds in small plants and rocks.  Here it is the orange trash container.  Certainly Sykes did not pose it, but I think he would have liked it, whether he recorded it or not.  It is that trash can that “makes” the picture.  Everything springs to it and from it.  Now try not to give it your attention.

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