A Sykes 298 Addendum Concerning Guys

An old friend experienced  with the lifts, downhills and mountains around Snoqualmie Pass called me and suggested that my description of Guys peak as resembling a “pile of sugar” in the winter was a poor analogy for Guys peak is in places – like those facing  motorists and skiers at the lodge beside the highway – too steep to hold snow.   In the worst and coldest of snowfalls it might resemble a sculpted scoop of Rocky Road Ice Cream but never a pile of pure sugar.  We accept this admonishment and print below several looks at Guys Peak, all of them by the “postcard artist” Ellis and none of them showing Guys behaving like any shape of sugar.  Guys, if you don’t already know, is the forward peak that resembles a pile of sugar, or would if it could hold on to it. (Thanks to Ellis collector John Cooper for sharing these scenes.) I will conclude the list with one by Jean, taken while we were working on the book Washington Then and Now.  CLICK TWICE TO ENLARGE


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