Our Daily Sykes #310 – A Rare Commonplace

Running low on Sykes I explored another box of his slides, one I’d not searched before.  Inside were a few slides grouped by subjects and captioned – minimally.   For these subjects we have already seen slides “without words” in Our Daily Sykes.   There was a grouping for “Snake River,” another with many close-ups of flowers and a third of sunsets, of which the above was one.  It is that rare photograph of a sunset that breaks the commonplace of the sinking sun sensations with a very satisfying composition and what editors and ad-agents like to call “human interest” too.  But where is it?  Again, Horace does not tell us.  However, after “reading” the horizon I remembered it from a Washington State real photo postcard we used in our book “Washington Then and Now.”  With the help of Google Earth I think I figured out within a few feet from where Horace took this sunset sometime in the 1940s.  However, I’m not telling.  Rather I’ll include a good clue below – another display of the same horizon and in full daylight.  So where is it?  (Click TWICE to Enlarge)

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