Although this slide - and it is not a Kodachrome - comes from the Horace Sykes collection, we will not give it an "Our Daily Sykes" number. Rather Horace Sykes' "lightshow" lets you know that this week we have no NOW and THEN because Pacific Magazine is featuring the show we curate that opened yesterday April 9 at the Museum of History and Industry. Since the Pacific Story is a unique creation of the newspaper staff taking examples of the now-then features from the past, but then also featuring Ron Edge and the work he did on the 1912 Baist real estate map included in this blog, we will not post anything here of what they have done there. We'll be back next week with another elaboration of the now-then featured then in Pacific. For the moment we encourage you to visit MOHAI, although you have some indefinite time into 2012 before the REPEAT PHOTOGRAPHY show or exhibit is closed with the old museum. It is being razed after 60 years of service and replaced with the new additions to the Evergreen Floating Bridge. Next year MOHAI will, we suspect you know, be moving to the naval armory at the south end of Lake Union. Now we will conclude with more on Sykes. His "lightshow" is exceptional. Nothing else appears in his collection that is anything like it. And, as noted, it is not a Kodachrome, but a slide that used a color process that did not hold - the slides like it (landscapes all) have all faded to the point that Photoshop thinks that they are black and white records. Except for this one, which has kept some of whatever color it once started with. (Still CLICK to ENLARGE)

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