5 thoughts on “Our Daily Sykes #319 – Red, White & Blue”

  1. Matt
    First thanks for attending the Repeat Photo opening. Second, by “uncharacteristically colorful” do you mean that these colors are unusual for Horace or that he is not ordinarily colorful. If the former, then my grabbed title may have come for me from the same place. If the latter, then you may be using the hyperbole to make a point that with much of Sykes there seems to be an introduced patina that “blends” the colors in its direction. Perhaps it is a film introduced by the slow aging of Kodachrome chemistry. Or something else.

  2. Glad to have been attendance at the opening of such a worthy installation.

    I think I meant more of the latter than the former. The colors often do seem blended or muddied as you say, but you’ve previously acknowledged this as possibly a function of the age of the slides. And I suppose others of his images besides this one have bright colors — the one you posted the other day featured an expanse of green with a road through it — but often there is only one strong color, even though as I write that I’m aware that with its blue sky the aforementioned photo was both strongly green and strongly blue. Let me finally weasel offstage this way…mayhap I haven’t seen Horace put such strong reds and blues together in the same frame. You gotta admit those are pretty strong reds.

  3. And actually, now that I look again, that band of yellow makes more of an impression on me even than the white, so that I might not have arrived at the same title that you did.

  4. Matt
    My title is certainly ironic. The green and yellow are what “make” the landscape – too. And there is Horace’s tree-bush on the left breaking the horizon. I think it is a splendid setting, and both reflective and chipper, at once.

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