Our Daily Sykes #343 – Somewhere in the American West

Aside from a few slides featuring his Magnolia home or a Coliseum flower show, I cannot think of any other Seattle subjects among the many hundreds of Sykes slides that have made their home for about thirty years on my shelves.  Cityscapes are rare for him.  The few rural or small town structures he has recorded are most often churches and schools.  I think it more likely that this is the latter but I certainly do not know which.  Again Sykes left no caption.  Judging from the few motorcars and one pickup appearing in the street far right, this scene dates from the mid-1940s.   In the more than half-century since this subject was recorded does its centerpiece survive?  The place is not in good shape, circa 1947.  The exterior plaster or stucco is blistering at the base and the rear chimney is broken.  And yet Horace Sykes records it.  Perhaps it is evidence less for his zest then for a small habit or sense of obligation to sometimes – perhaps for a remembered mentor or parent or teacher or priest – take a break from his recurring affection for picturesque landscapes. [Click Twice to Enlarge]

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