A careful reader named Joshua with a talent for directions pointed out that our "now" photo for one of the homes featured in the long run of them under the Brewer House topper was repeated poorly. In fact, I put in the wrong NOW photo. Here's the correct one looking northeast across Republican Street on the western border of Allentown (the new AKA for Westlake-Cascade at the south end of Lake Uni0n) near Dexter Ave.
Near the bottom of the same list of featured homes is a lovely Gothic creation that roosted on the northwest corner of Eastlake Avenue and Republican Street. Here, upper-right, we see it again but much later, ca. 1950, and from the rear. Republican is on the right. The original slide for this is kept in the library of the U.W. Dept of Architecture, and is one of several colored slides taken around 1950 in the Cascade neighborhood. It may be that the photo-project was connected with Prof. Victor Steinbrueck's enthusiasms for local heritage either by his hand or a student's. Perhaps the department library knows the provenance. We shall print another from that collection directly below. Although surely from the Cascade neighborhood, we have not as yet taken time to figure out where in the neighborhood. (1950 was about the end of my caring for the makes and models of automobiles, but the pleasure got from a set of clean white-wall tires lives on.)

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