Our Daily Sykes #364 – Lake Chelan with Early Color

Among the hundreds of landscape subjects recorded by Horace Sykes on Kodachrome film there are a dozen that were poorly saved on an emulsion with an earlier – I think – color process that in time did not endure so well.   This is a summer afternoon on Lake Chelan and the passengers here on the upper deck of the Lady of the Lake are approaching Steheken and the northwest end of the lake.  They have about six miles to go.  The mountains on the horizon separate this valley from that drained by the Entiat River.  The highest am0ng them reaches about 8000 feet.   Lake Chelan is a little over 1100 ft elevation.  Behind the foothill, left of center, is Domke Lake, and Domke Falls drains it to Lake Chelan from its far side.  It is one of the scenic attractions on this run.   The port and dock of Lucern is near the center of the scene.  This being #364 we have but one day to go before we reach the daily number needed to complete a year – although we have been at it already for more than a year.  Many Sunday’s were missed because of the labors of now-and-then.  For number #365 we will  pick some Sykes family pictures, and then adjourn Horace from his daily duties, although we will surely not abandon him.

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