Our Daily Sykes #370 – Judging Distance and Level

The features of the distant cliff and the undulating foreground seem to be segregated or separated from each other by the green farm in between them making peace. The "farm" naming is based only on the structure at the center, (It is a barn isn't it?) which is also the service I used for cropping the scene level. As Sykes shot it, the subject tilted considerably. The distant trees near the cliff and the curving road - ah Horace - on the left also help determine sizes and distances in this unidentified landscape. (Click to Enlarge)

3 thoughts on “Our Daily Sykes #370 – Judging Distance and Level”

  1. The image looks severely tilted to the right to me, and if it was just a matter of one barn, I’d have said the barn must be leaning, but I see other structures here that affirm your judgement and none that dissent, so I guess we say the earth in its upheaving has left itself a-lean.

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