Our Daily Sykes #378 – Relations

These two subjects fit at the top by coincidence.   Still they seem to be related in other ways – or yearn to.   I found them in the same Sykes box, but there were many other slides as well that did not share whatever it is that these two show together.  The odd colors, for one: the blue.   How much of that is Kodachrome?  The upper corners of both slides show what we are used to with many cameras: an inefficiency of the lens to expose the sky consistently.  It gets considerably darker in the corners.  Comparing the two slides may invoke feelings of the uncanny, which is that something that is dead is acting alive.  Or better that something that is steadfast is about to come unglued.  It is a puzzle.  How close were Syke’s prospects for these two?   Is there, for instance, a missing slide that might create a merging panorama?   Typical for Horace, the location is not revealed.  Perhaps in some distant blog exploration someone will stumble on these rocks and recognize them in an instant.  That may be as likely as finding another Tut in another desert.  (Click TWICE to Enlarge)

2 thoughts on “Our Daily Sykes #378 – Relations”

  1. It appears that Sykes may in his wanderings have stumbled upon the actual Uncanny Valley. You’re right. This place gives me the creeps.

  2. One of the odd dumps left following divine creation by intelligent design – like piles of mining slag.

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